More saddlebag consideration

I mentioned my fondness for the Harper Fossil saddlebag a few days ago. I still haven't made the leap to buy it just yet because I found 2 more that I also like, both from online stores I've never really considered before.

The Marfa Saddlebag by Madewell

Pretty cute, huh? The Marfa is roughly the same size as the Fossil bag but a bit rounder. I'm not familiar with materials like "vegetable-tanned vacheta leather," so I can't really predict what the texture would feel like brand new or after some wear. 

The Petra Crossbody by Everlane

Confession: I've never cared for anything Everlane has made. I know a lot of professional fashion bloggers sing their praises, but since I'm not a professional, I feel no guilt in saying most of their clothes look like they're only for 6-foot tall size 2 models. Even their handbag collection seems drab and uninspiring. However, I really like this Petra cross body. It's probably a bit smaller than the Harper Fossil bag, but it still looks like it'll fit a good many of my personal items. 

I'm still leaning toward the Fossil bag since we have history, but I'm not 100% sure anymore. The Marfa is a really, really close second -- so close I'm reconsidering right now. Might have to sleep on it.