Medium v Squarespace

I'm still putting together this Squarespace site, although the backend is completely finished. My hosting and domain has made the move from Dreamhost to Squarespace and the transfer went smoothly. 

I still have my Medium site, though I decided in the end not to migrate exclusively there. That really was because of this post, which hints that all might not be well at Medium and therefore I don't want to entrust the breadth of my writing/blogging soully to Medium. That doesn't mean I'm going to remove content or stop posting; that just means I'm not hedging my bets that Medium will be around in the next year or so. 

That's disappointing, but that's the state of the web now. 

Again, posting essays and fiction there is still a go. I like the community focus on long reads and I've already got 1k+ readers to Scar Tissue's publication. I'm not republishing anything to this site because I hate duplicated content. If something happens to Medium, of course I'll import essays and stories. But until then, it's still my go-to place for publishing content.