Suitcase Series: Days 6 - 10

Welcome back to my Suitcase Series experiment, where I put together a 10-day wardrobe of the same clothes in anticipation of moving. To see days 1 through 5, click here. To see days 6 through 10, keep reading.

The last half of any capsule wardrobe challenge is always the hardest. But there's still several combinations left to explore!

Day 6

As I mentioned last time, I'm not someone that experiments with a lot of color combinations. Though I prefer to keep my palette simple (but not necessarily neutral), I got to tell you -- the combination of my color block shirt and these red jeans just looks and feels great! The sandals are there to elongate my legs since mine are short and the tote is a great carry-all.

Day 7

Welcome to my favorite outfit! This is the first introduction to the navy blue tank top. Mine doesn't look too much different from the one pictured, either: it's tunic length and comfortable. The arm holes are a little big, so the cardigan covers up any accidental bra showings. My watch is a nice matching feature, though the saddle bag and Chucks keep it casual and lowkey.

Day 8

It's late April in Georgia, so of course that means two things. First, it's city arts festival time and second, it's hot as hell outside. The tank top and the Bermudas (making their final appearance on this list) are out as are on as are the sandals, which are all very comfortable for walking around downtown fair booths. That's a lot of exposed skin, of course; so you can imagine my Fossil tote come packed with plenty of sunscreen.

Day 9

Another date night outfit! We're going to a little cocktail bar to listen to live music, so I'm bringing out the LBD. Just like the picture, my dress has long sleeves but a deeper V-neck and looks really nice with the sandals. I decided to leave the watch off for this outfit but I might slip it into my saddle bag if I change my mind.

Day 10

We've made it to the end! This is Moving Day, so I want to be comfortable and casual for hauling boxes, furniture, and 2 squalling cats into the new place. The gray T-shirt and red jeans are back. My hair will be pulled back and under a bandana to keep the sweat out of my eyes. My watch will be firmly affixed to my wrist. And at the end of the day I'll collapse into bed, exhausted and ready to start anew the next day.

So that brings me to the end of my first Suitcase Series. I think I've got a good system planned out for the move. I'll have some reflections mid- and post-series, so come back for those thoughts in the next few days.