Mountains and hills

A Sunday morning excursion.

A Sunday morning excursion.

The temperature was in the high 70's but the weather was overcast, sprinkling, and breezy: a perfect day to hike up Kennesaw Mountain

It's a quick jaunt. The K'saw Mountain trail is only 0.9 of a mile. At a steady pace with some rests, it took roughly an hour to trek up and down again plus an extra thirty to walk from the parking lot to the trail. It's a popular trail for singles, couples, and families alike plus their four-legged family members, too. Last year we went with another couple; this year we went just the two of us. (Our dog, Paige, would probably pass out before she got out of the parking lot.)

Though walking up a mountain, even one as moderate as K'saw Mountain, might seem intense, hiking can be a fun, easy activity regardless of your level of fitness. All you need are a good pair of hiking boots, some sunscreen (and bug spray), and a bottle of water and you're set. Backpacks, trekking poles, fancy clothing -- you don't need any of that. Bring a friend or take the kids. Or, download a great activity playlist and pop on a pair of headphones and let your mind go.  

If the weather's nice and you're looking for something to do, go out and visit a National Park. You pay for them; why not go to them?