My name is Nina MacNamara. I’m a story-teller, movie-lover, epublisher, technophile, cat-lady, and pragmatist. I live outside the Atlanta area with my husband, dog, and 2 furry (feline) roommates. I write in my spare time (when I have it).

I am an epublisher. With my spouse and former college professor, I founded Witan Publishing right after graduating college. We specialize in peer-reviewed medieval scholarship. I’m very proud of the hard work our little company has done since 2011.


I have 2 books published. Icarus is an SF/thriller and A Bitter Spring is a coming-of-age story. You can find them in the Amazon Kindle store.

I have a web series called Scar Tissue about an abuse survivor.

I have some short fiction that you can read, too. Everything, except my books, are online for free with a Creative Commons license.


I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old. My first written piece was a long, rambling story about I dream I had about a squirrel stealing my jump rope. I scrawled it on blue-and-tan penmanship paper and beamed when my first grade teacher stapled it to the bulletin board in the hallway. My writing has since improved even if my handwriting has not.

From elementary school onward, I always had my nose in a book and my hand around a pencil. I got a few things published in school literary journals. In college, I studied English Literature but minored in Classics and Creative Writing. I guess I didn’t think I’d need a job at any point.

After college, I published my first book, Icarus. A year later, I published a tiny, coming-of-age story called A Bitter Spring. I chose epublishing because I figured I didn’t have a shot with traditional publishing. I then published everything online for free with a Creative Commons license. This included my web serials, short stories, and other essays. I didn’t have a real goal except to share my stories with the world.

2016 has been a particularly shitty year for the world in general. I’d say a combination of being overworked and depressed killed my creativity and make me borderline resent writing. I decided to step back from writing a lot of fiction and instead republish some old stuff. The break has helped me reassess writing. It is not a lucrative career choice, so it’ll have to do as a hobby.

I haven’t completely stopped writing. I’m just not writing with the same veracity as I used to. I’m also keeping a lot of things behind the scenes and taking it slow. I’ll still publish a few things when I’m ready.


Kat Ninetails is an sort-of anagram for Nina Scaletti, my former pen name (I changed the C for a K). I dropped Scaletti in 2015 because I was tired of it, but I still liked Kat Ninetails. I like cats and have had at one point a lot of it, so it's still pretty spot on. 


Here’s some random stuff:

  • My husband is Michael. My dog is Paige. My cats are Phoebe and Roland. 
  • I have a Day Job* where I analyze spreadsheets and crunch numbers. It is a very good job that I’m good at, but I try not to talk about it online (other than in vague, uninteresting ways).
  • I grew up in Michigan but I live in the South. I lived in Alabama most of my adult life. In 2016 I got the opportunity to move to the Atlanta area which is infinitely better than Alabama could ever hope to be. I’m still not used to this heat or the traffic.
  • My politics are left-wing and I consider myself a Democratic Socialist.
  • I’m on just about every social media site out there so please feel free to follow my nonsense just about everywhere.

*And here is where I say my opinions are my own and do NOT represent my company, especially the dumb opinions like believing you should use a spoon to spread jam on toast, not a knife. For all I know, my company could support that opinion but I’d never find out.