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Scar Tissue

“It’s like having an itch you can’t scratch.”
— Amanda Keefe (“Scar Tissue”)

Those with addictions and anxiety disorders tend to have triggers — events that set them off on a path of self-destruction. Triggers range in size from the very obvious to the inane minutia seen every day. Pictures, video, conversations that knowingly have these events sometimes come with labels to warn sufferers, known as trigger warnings. It’s a small step, but often these trigger warnings help those mentally prepare to be lured down uneasy paths.

However, life doesn’t come with trigger warnings. At least, not for Amanda Keefe. She suffers daily with two very different (and dangerous) addictions — so much so that she must plan her day around them. A bit of de-stressing throughout the day, a bit of punishment that night. But from the outside, she has it together: a shy but earnest twenty-something and adjunct professor at a small state college in Western Michigan. It’s easy to control with a strict time regiment. Easy, until the night Amanda decides to be more adventurous and invite another pitiful soul into her world. But when addiction becomes obsession, Amanda learns that some things in life are better kept hidden.

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Human Resources (HR)

Adventures in (in)human interaction.
— Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources is a collection of short stories about human interaction in the workplace. It features three unrelated but similar characters who work menial and thankless jobs in service to others. Hailey Rothman fights corporate doublespeak and legalese in her job in the HR department of a soulless consulting company. Caroline Kassir tries to avoid the hardening cynicism that comes with her job as a nursing assistant. And Jess Ruiz struggles to maintain her passion for helping ex-cons even when they don’t want to help themselves.

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